Upgrade Choice for Global Seismic Networks

The Quanterra Q330HR sets a new performance standard in seismological instrumentation, building upon the widely praised ultra-low-power Q330. The Q330HR breaks the 24-bit performance barrier to extend the capability of advanced instrumentation for research. The Q330HR remains 100% compatible with our Q330. See Q330HR data sheet for a general and functional product description.

Same Exceptional Features as Q330

Multiple Network Access for:

  • Telemetry and Local Recording
  • Internet-Ready Industry Standards
  • Comprehensive Sensor Control
  • Streamlined Remote Administration

High! Resolution

The Q330HR sets a new standard, requiring 26-bit resolution to fully represent its dynamic range. The ‘HR exceeds GSN-class standard set by Quanterra nearly 20 years ago.



Main Channels

Six: 3 HR 26-bit & 3 standard 24-bit

Auxiliary Channels

4/8 DI/SE 16-bit 1sps.
Full scale range ±50V

Dynamic Range HR channels

144-145 dB wideband rms typical Typical 0.02-20Hz 147-148 dB

Input Range

40V P-P at gain=1


Selectable per channel: 1,20


Linear or Minimum Phase FIR.

Sample Rates

200, 100, 50, 40, 20, 10, 1. Independently available any channel.

Time Base

Precision TCXO, phase locked to GPS.
No adjustment.




Full Duplex, efficient positive acknowledge with advanced error control. Industry-standard IP over serial and Ethernet interfaces. Burst or continuous.

Mutiple Access

4 Independent Data Ports.
2 Administration Ports.

Format and Protocol

32-bit integer, Level 2 compressed
1-second packets. Published protocols operate with numerous major application software packages.


Fully specified -10 to +50C
Operative -40 to +70C

Sensor Control

Calibrate step, sine, or random.
Recenter, on-command

Additional State-of-Health

Temperature, DC voltage, GPS status, Sensor boom position (6 chan)


8Mb RAM standard

Ethernet Network

IEEE 802 10Base-T Ethernet

Serial Network

2 serial network and 1 console interface up to 115 kbaud.


IrDA interface supported.


<2.0 W avg. 12VDC 3-channels on
<2.5 W avg. 12VDC 6-channels on

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