ITALIAN STRONG MOTION NETWORK: Kinemetrics installed, operates and maintains the Italian Strong-Motion Network for the Italian Civil Defense Department, totaling about 500 stations with an uptime of 99.2%.

CALIFORNIA EARLY WARNING SYSTEM: Caltech is deploying the California Early Warning System based on Kinemetrics digitizers (Q330S and Basalt) and sensors (Episensor and PBB-200S).
CHILE NATIONAL SEISMIC NETWORK: Kinemetrics has delivered an ASPEN system consisting of 400+ broadband and strong motion stations with a combination of VSAT, Wi-Fi and spread spectrum  telemetryradios.

THE EMIRATE of ABU DHABI (EAD) Permanent Accelerograph Network: Kinemetrics has delivered and installed a 50-station Strong Motion Accelerograph Network and also designed and implemented a Structural Health Monitoring System (SHM) for 8 Unique Structures, plus Ambient Vibration Study, Site Characterization and Response Analyses for Seismic Performance and Risk evaluation.

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The Kinemetrics Inc. facility in Pasadena, CA is a facility whose quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001 Certificate


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For 46 years, Kinemetrics has been creating products for monitoring earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and nuclear proliferation while helping society to understand these events on a global, regional and local scale. In addition the company has been creating products for monitoring civil structures, bridges, dams, and nuclear power plants as this monitoring provides important information about the structures' responses to natural or man-induced seismicity.

Kinemetrics has been a leader in the earthquake instrumentation business for over forty years, creating innovative products and solutions for seismic arrays and networks, for monitoring bridges, dams, structures, as well as systems for the nuclear power industry. With a reputation for high-quality products and superior reliability, Kinemetrics pays close attention to customer service and satisfaction.


Since ownership of Kinemetrics was transferred to Oyo Corporation of Japan in 1991, Kinemetrics has developed into the undisputed world leader for cutting-edge seismic instrumentation. With the 1999 acquisition of Quanterra Inc. of Harvard, Massachusetts, and the recent acquisition of Metrozet, LLC of Torrance, California, the company continues with its strategic plan of creating a new generation of very broadband seismic instrumentation and network solutions. Through cooperative efforts with each other and with other strategic partnerships, Kinemetrics successfully designed, delivered, installed and maintained national seismic networks and observatories in such diverse areas as the Middle East, South America and Asia.

Currently, Kinemetrics works in close partnership with two other well-known leaders in their field: Streckeisen from Switzerland is the producer of the world famous Very Broadband seismographs STS-1, STS-2, STS-2.5 and STS-5A, and Kinemetrics is the proud authorized exclusive distributor of these superior instruments. Boulder Real Time Technologies (BRTT) from Colorado is the developer of ANTELOPE, the preferred world-wide seismic acquisition, processing, analysis and archiving software package.

Kinemetrics has a customer base in more than 90 countries, local offices in Switzerland, Japan, Abu Dhabi, and local representatives in 45 countries. Also, about 90% of the world’s Nuclear Power Plants use Kinemetrics systems for seismic monitoring and services for maintenance and data processing. These activities are routinely and periodically audited by independent 3rd parties.

Kinemetrics is the only company that not only designs and manufactures seismic instrumentation, but also supports and runs several substantial size seismic networks in several countries. Among the largest are the Italian Civil Defense Network (Dipartimento Protezione Civile, DPC) of ~500 stations with 99.2% uptime, as well as the NSF funded USArray TA, part of the EarthScope project (www.earthscope.org/). In the case of the USArray, Kinemetrics provides support around the clock for ~500 seismic stations generating more than 2,800 data streams and the USArray Network Facility (http://anf.ucsd.edu/) acquiring almost 23,000 SOH channels and achieving a stunning 99.5% data availability based on more than 5 years of operation! Moreover, another 100 stations of the Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO; http://pbo.unavco.org/) project implemented the ASPEN solution as well.

In 1999 the company first became certified with the International Standards Organization’s ISO 9001 quality management system. The company values, present since Kinemetrics’ inception in 1969, are still reflected in our Quality Statement:

Kinemetrics employs the best-qualified people to produce the highest quality products, systems, and solutions — on time, on-line, every time.