Product manuals containing hardware and software documentation on a variety of Kinemetrics products and options are available on the KMI WIKI.
Application Notes

Application Notes provide in-depth information about various Kinemetrics products and applications and serve as your online resource guide. The Application Notes are available on the KMI WIKI.
ROCK Platform

Firmware and Support Software for the ROCK Platform are available on the KMI WIKI.

Digitizers: Granite Basalt Firmware

Marmot Firmware


Slate Firmware

Altus Firmware

This is the firmware which can be loaded into Altus instruments to add features and fix known issues. See the KMI WIKI
Altus Support Software

This is software for your computer to use with Altus instruments. Includes software for instrument configuration, data collection, processing, and data viewing as well as format converters and code examples. See the KMI WIKI.

Other Downloads

Software downloads that are not Altus specific. Includes firmware and software for non-Altus products as well as software that
supports multiple instrument types in addition to supporting the Altus family. See the KMI WIKI.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This archive contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about some of our products and solutions. Got a question?
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Restricted Downloads

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